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What's FreakyCam?

1.Taking a PHOTO
2.Enjoys the effect by moving the slider
3.Saving a PHOTO

FreakyCam is an application that can make an interesting photograph in these three steps.


STEP1 Taking a PHOTO

Please take the photograph by starting the app.
It is good to make the face and the object enter the center.
The photograph preserved in the Photo Album of iPhone can be used, too.

STEP2 Enjoys the effect

Please move the slider right and left to make an interesting photograph.
The preview image changes in real time.

STEP3 Saving a PHOTO

The photograph is newly preserved by the size set on a set screen.
Now, and the image that can be done is shown to the friend, and it has a hearty laugh surely.
Let's show the friend a completed photograph, and your friend has a hearty laugh surely :D


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